Born in 1986, Sabrina Belouaar lives and works in Paris.
The pieces presented revisit some existing problems such as social inequality and the status of women, which are reflected in the ambivalences tensioning materials.

«I prefer to raise questions as to affirm a frontally opinion.»

She transposes references whether personal or multicultural, social or historical with clues, traces or symbols. These are modest favorite materials like tape, ink, paper, make-up, etc. Among them, henna prominently encountered in childhood. The intoxicating smell of henna fades and illustrates the memory that sometimes escapes us over time.

"Sabrina Belouaar acknowledges this body shape as it is formed, which is standard from birth with the information it incorporates build up its singularity. The plastic body of the artist that strives to oppose the modes of representation make them irrelevant in a face to face confusing between construction and deconstruction of oppressive norms that the art world is constantly creating.
The body of the artist in categories assigned female immigrant from the tenth generation from a Franco-Algerian interbreeding is a body that she then decided to confront the world of art and spaces that it creates experiencing its supposed plasticity, to build strategies that put him in check.
Collection or erase the artist adds or removes constantly the subject to reveal the rigid structures of authoritarian art to deconstruct."

Excerpt from a Pascal Lièvre text available here.



2010-2015: École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ESADMM) (DNAP Mention, DNSEP Félicitations)

2009: Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles (Prép’art) Paris XI Ménilmontant

2006: Baccalauréat Littéraire (Option ART)